If You Can Follow A Few Easy Steps. . .

You'll Give Your Partner An Experience They'll Absolutely Love

And Take Them On A Date They'll Never Forget!

Discover A Fun Way To Respark Passion In Your Relationship. It's Valued At $469, But For A Limited Time It's Just $9.95

How will you feel knowing that when your partner thinks about you - they get excited?

Want to feel that way again?

Do you miss the excitement and attraction of when you were first dating?

What if with just a few easy skills, you could help your partner feel totally cared for… and bring back the feelings you had when you first met? What if you could do this together, having fun on a date?

If you like this idea, The Magical Mystery Date is for you!

This also works if you are going on a new date and really want to impress them!

Why Did We Create The Magical Mystery Date?

To Give You An Easy, But Powerful Way To Respark Your Partners Excitement!

Hi, We're Dr. Wendy McGough, and Dr. Steve McGough (DHS). We’re Clinical Sexologists, and the founders of Women and Couples Wellness.

The Magical Mystery Date was created as a lighthearted and fun way to help couples respark excitment in their relationship.

We've excited to be working with Dr. Massimo Fontana (PhD) to expand the program.

Dr. Fontana brings over 20 years experience working with couples.

Together we've updated the Magical Mystery Date into a fun, exciting way to bring passion back in your relationship!

Together we’ve worked with several thousand women and couples, researching intimate health.

Our focus has been on developing ways to resolve intimate challenges many women have, and enhance the overall experience for couples.

This experience has given us a unique perspective on the challenges we all face, especially couples with busy lifestyles.

Over the years we noticed that most couples were having intimate challenges in similar ways.

When couples were having challenges, there usually was a misunderstanding in one or more of some fundamental areas.

However, couples with great relationships, were on the same page with each other about these simple things.

We also found that many of these challenges can be easily solved if couples just:

(1) Understood some basic ideas (frequently that they thought they were on the same page about, but actually weren't because they had never talked about it)


(2) Learned a few simple skills for taking care of each other.

We found that what made couples truly happy in the long run wasn’t wealth, status or appearance, but if they were on the same page about life, and how they treated each other.

The great thing is these skills are easy to learn.

We've also realized that most couples are busy and have little free time.

Rather than attending classes or going to "therapy" together - what they really need is to spend more time together having fun.

So instead of this being a traditional class, you learn these skills while having fun together on a date.

Do You Want to Feel Excitement Like When You First Met?

...plus have some fun?

The Magical Mystery Date gives you an exciting and different way to have fun with your partner. It doesn't have to be expensive, and can be done anywhere.

It's a unique way for you to show your partner how much you really care. Plus you'll use some fun new skills you've learned that they'll enjoy.

Don't worry, we show you step by step what to do on your date. You'll also talk about some unique questions - that may just respark memories, and feelings you haven't felt in a long time.

After joining us, just watch the introduction video in the members area. You'll be guided step by step on how to create a date your partner will never forget.

This includes a showing you how to make a special invitation you give to your date to invite them. Plus ways to make or find a blind fold that will really get them excited.

Then you go out on a date and "practice" your new skills together.

The Magical Mystery Date has three steps, plus a bonus activity.

Every step has been carefully created to be fun, help you get to know each other better, and increase your attraction. Just so you know, part of it involves a blindfold.

This isn’t “counseling” or "therapy" - it's a date that lets you practice a few of the core things we've learned. It's a way to enhance things and bring the spark back to your relationship.

The date can be done just about anywhere. You can have it at home, in a park, going out to eat, or wherever you like.

So it doesn’t have to be expensive.

After the date you give your partner another card to open the next day. This helps them feel truly special and cared for.

The Magical Mystery Date is just the beginning of your adventure. It shows you the first of skills we've disovered that can respark your intimacy, attraction and deep friendship with your partner.

The Magical Mystery Date - CONTEST!

Plus we have a special bonus contest. By registering, and then just posting selfie’s of your date on Facebook – you can win amazing prizes!

You'll write a special link on your invitation card. Your partner will go there and find video explaining how to get ready for your date, and the contest.

Your partner is encouraged to immediately post about the upcoming date, which will build their excitement and increase chances for winning.

Then you can post photos during your date showing how you've made it unique.

This lets your partner show off to their friends how much you care for them and share the fun you had on the date. This makes them appreciate you much more than you might realize (and can be priceless).

Plus there's the excitement of potentially winning the grand prize. We're still collecting all the prizes, and they're really Exciting!

So What is the Date Like?

The Magical Mystery Date can be a first date, or for couples who've been together for decades. Either way you'll share new experiences and learn things that may surprise you.

The date can be as low cost, or expensive as you like.

The key point here is you aren't trying to impress your date with expensive places or things. Instead, you impress them with what you do and how this makes them feel.

The Magical Mystery Date provides you two major benefits - beyond just giving your partner and yourself a fun date.

First it's a way to help your partner feel wonderful because of WHO YOU ARE AS A PERSON and what you do (not material things you might provide).

Sometimes people are attracted to material wealth at first, but that attraction is fleeting as people live together. Who you are and how you treat your partner is what makes the difference long term.

Second, once you learn the simple skills from this date you'll have them for the rest of your life. This can help you make your relationship and intimate life even more exciting over time.

You first decide where you want to go. The options are limitless!

You can take them to a park, the beach, a basic or fancy restaurant, have a date at your home.

It's completely up to you and what you think your date will enjoy.

Once you’ve decided, you ask your partner. Then you give them a special invitation. We show you exactly how to write it in a way that will get them really excited.

Inside your note you include a link where they can watch a video showing them how to get ready.

We include example notes and a printable worksheet where you can practice before signing the invitation (We've pretty much thought of everything, and if you have any questions you can ask them in our private online community.)

Now you have your date set, you learn a few easy skills in our members portal. The kit includes guide sheets you can print out that show you step by step how to do each part.

We show you exactly how to prepare everything to take with you. This includes printing the guides, questions and places you can find (or make) your blindfold.

On the date, you ask them if they mind if you put a blindfold on them.

Following that, you do some special activities that stimulate your partner's senses in new ways. Odds are they’ll find this exciting, and love how it feels!

These are new skills that you've learned - and can use in the future as well.

Then you take their blindfold off and each person takes turns reading a set of special questions on the included guide sheets. You can print the sheets, or just read the questions from your phone.

These questions came from an interesting research study in 1997. The study caused all the volunteers to feel profoundly attracted to each other afterward.

In fact, several people that just met in the study ended up getting married.

From there you talk about the what your date enjoyed, and if you want, take selfies for the contest. If you are going somewhere to eat, now's the time as well.

At the end of the date you give them a special thank you note (you've prepared in advance) for them to open the next day.

While this date seems simple, it reaches your partner on many levels. Most people feel incredibly connected, attracted, and just happy afterward.

You've helped your partner feel cared for in new ways. You also now have new skills that you can use whenever you like from now on.

Beyond the fun of posting your selfies on social media - you may win an even more amazing date, plus special prizes in the online contest!

Your partner will feel wonderful as they share what you're doing online (for the contest).

This will likely cause your partner's friends to be jealous - which will mean your partner is even happier with what you're doing!

The Magical Mystery Date members portal and community guides you through every step. You can also ask other members of the community questions, plus plus share your experiences.

There are options inside to order invitation cards, special blindfolds, and other ways to enhance the date. But this is totally optional.

You can also take your partner on the date by just following the instructions.

You have access to a unique Private Online Community to ask questions. Plus a public Facebook group!

Experience The Magical Mystery Date

  • The Magical Mystery Date Training Classes - ($169 Value)
  • ​How To Give An Amazing Hand Massage Class - ($114 Value)
  • Getting to Know Each Other(Again) Questions - ($69 Value)
  • ​Special Blindfold Training - ($19 Value)
  • Printable Invitations and Thank You Cards - ($19 Value)
  • ​Note Writing Secrets Training Class - ($79 Value)
  • Bonus #1 - Magical Mystery Date Private Group (Priceless Value)
  • ​​Bonus #2 - Special "How To Get Ready " Program For Your Date To Watch - (Priceless Value)
  • ​Bonus #3 - Magical Mystery Date Contest! - (Priceless Value)

$469 Total Value​

So you can give your partner an amazing date - Plus Learn Skills That Bring Passion Back

For Only $9.95

Yes... for about the price of a sandwich, you can show your partner you really care, and surprize them with new skills we've discovered from decades working with thousands of couples...

YES! Give Me Instant Access To The Members Training Center RIGHT NOW For Just $9.95 !

The Magical Mystery Date Is A Gift For Your Partner And Yourself...

  • Shortcuts to simple, but little known ways to help your partner feel cared for.
  • ​Gives you the keys to easy massage skills that open a new world of experiences.
  • ​Eliminates the myth that we have to be wealthy, successful, or physically attractive to be interesting.
  • ​​Discover how to bring back excitement and passion to your relationship.
  • Makes it step-by-step simple for you to begin the journey to a great relationship and intimate life.
  • By joining our special Date Contest - give your date the opportunity to feel good by sharing online how much you care for them.

We Help Everyday People Discover AMAZING Experiences...Together

Our mission is to help real people have extraordinary experiences.

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Massimo Fontana has worked with couples for over 20 years. He's the author of numerous books and training systems. As well he's a highly sought after international speaker and Tantra instructor..

The Magical Mystery Date is the result of Dr.s Wendy and Steve's McGough working and talking with thousands of people about their intimate lives for more than 12 years.

Now working with Dr. Fontana you have an easy way to make your partner feel the excitement of when you first met.

Wendy has worked with thousands of women helping them with intimate issues and has a deep understanding of the challenges we all deal with.

From this process they've created powerful programs, and tools, that can completely transform your intimate life.

On a personal note, Wendy and Steve have been happily married for 21 years! Of course like all couples, they've had their ups and downs.

They endured a tragedy of losing their son. From those complications they were told they had no chance of ever getting pregnant again. In fact the MD's said it wasn't possible. A few years later they were pleasantly surprised to find out that they were prgnant and had a miracle of a wonderful daughter>

Through all this they've been able to keep things fun and exciting.

In a world of "theory" Wendy and Steve live what they teach, and make it a point to enjoy every moment.

Their goal is to share this knowledge with others to help everyone "Enjoy Life More'.

What Others Are Saying...

Brittany and Trevor answered our ad to model for one of our training programs. During the process they took the training. We didn't realize they were having problems before though. This is what they said afterwards.

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With The "The Magical Mystery Date" A $469 Value

Just pay $9.95

Act Now And You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!

#1 - Magical Mystery Date Training Program

Step-By-Step Instructions Guiding Through The Magical Mystery Date

Total Value: $169

Magical Mystery Date Membership Training Program - This virtual training program is the secret to learning step by step how to take your partner on an amazing date and have experiences that help them feel cared for and deeply connected (and you'll also have some amazing new skills to demonstrate that your partner will really love).

Magical Mystery Date - Downloadable / Printable Guide (included in your Date Kit)

This printed comprehensive guide and training program shows you step by step through the date, making it easy to follow (and that means you will relax during the date and just follow the process).

It has a "fast start" option if you don't have much time, as well as a more detailed program that dives into the secrets more.

Get This For FREE When You Order The Magical Mystery Date Today!

#2 - How to Give an Amazing Hand Massage Training Program

Demonstrate New Skills that Make Your Partner Feel Wonderful!

Total Value: $114

How to Give an Amazing Hand Massage Program ($89 Value)

This virtual training program holds the secret for you to a quick and easy way to learn powerful techniques to relax your partner and make them feel wonderful. (which means you'll be able to have a new easy way to help their partner relax and feel good anytime, plus these skills are the first step to more advanced areas).

How to Give an Amazing Hand Massage Guidebook ($19 Value)

This Ebook gives you the keys to reference the hand massage techniques any time you want ... (so you'll be able to maintain your new skills).

How to Give an Amazing Hand Massage Checklist ($6 Value)

This Program makes it easy to reference the hand massage techniques any time you want. Plus, you can use it on your date as an easy step by step guide enabling you to show your new skills perfectly (which means you don’t have to worry about memorizing the techniques on your date, just follow the steps). You can print it out, or just follow along on your phone.

Get This For FREE When You Order The Magical Mystery Date Today!

#3 - Connections - Fun Ways To Get to Know Each Other (Again)

Discover New And Exciting Things About Each Other

Total Value: $69

Getting To Know Each Other (Again) ($60 Value)

This entertaining game is a fun way to get to know each other on a deep level. Taking turns answering fun questions will give you a very interesting conversation, plus increase your attraction and understanding of each other in ways you may not expect. It gives you interesting things to talk about after your date. As a result of this, many people feel connected and attracted in new and exciting ways, even if they've been to together decades).

Getting To Know Each Other (Again) Date Questions ($9 Value)

This special part of your date causes both you and your partner to feel an intense attraction. Just take turns answering the questions. It also gives you a way to stimulate conversation, even if it's a first date and you don't know what to say.

Get This For FREE When You Order The Magical Mystery Date Today!

#4 - Blindfold Selection, Plus Special Training

Take Intrigue and Excitement To a New Level

Total Value: $19

Enhancing The Experience With A Blindfold ($19 Value)

This virtual training program shows you how to use a blindfold on your partner to enhance the experience. Please note, the digital kit doesn't include a physical blindfold. But we show you how to make one, plus provide links to low cost options you can buy online.

What's the blindfold for? You'll be demonstrating some of your new skills on the date, and being blindfolded allows them to focus on the sensations. It also adds mystery and intrigue to the experience. Training includes how to make sure your partner is OK with this (always get consent), and simple ways to help them feel comfortable. Adding this step give them a very memorable date they'll never forget.

Get This For FREE When You Order The Magical Mystery Date Today!

#5 - Special Date Invitation Templates

Show Your Partner How Much You Care With Very Personal Notes!

Total Value: $19

Easy Templates You Can Print For Your Invitation and Thank You Notes ($19 Value)

Printable templates for romantic invitations and follow up notes. You save time because the details are taken care of (so you'll be able to go the "extra mile" to make your partner feel excited and special).

Get This For FREE When You Order The Magical Mystery Date Today!

#6 - Note Writing Secrets Training Class

Quickly Learn How to Write Special Notes Your Partner Will LOVE!

Total Value: $79

Invitation and Thank You Note Skills ($73 Value)

Not sure what to say? We've got you covered! This quick, but effective virtual training class teaches you how to write the perfect notes for your invitation and thank you cards. If you still aren't sure what to say it includes example notes you can customize.

Note Card Writing Practice Kit ($6 Value) (included in your Date Kit)

Ever write a personal note & then it didn't fit on the card. We've taken care of that for you also! This set of printable worksheets allow you to first practice writing out what you're going to say on the worksheets the same size as the cards. That way after practicing once you'll be able to write the perfect note on the cards. So when you write the cards they will be perfect, which adds the final touch to help your partner feel even more excited and special.

Get This For FREE When You Order The Magical Mystery Date Today!

Bonus #1 - Magical Mystery Date Private Community, Plus Public Facebook Group

Share Date Expereinces And Date Ideas, Plus Win Prizes!

Total Value: $Priceless

This special community is just for a select few! You can ask private questions here and share experiences. Then there's a public Facebook Group for Magical Mystery Date Members. Here you can ask questions, get ideas for dates, and post your date selfies. We post the contest information here, along with advice on the best ways to win!

Get This For FREE When You Order The Magical Mystery Date Today!

Bonus #2 - What to Expect & How To Get Ready (Special Preview For Your Date)

Your Date Will Appreciate You Even More After Watching This

Total Value: $Priceless

This special video gives a high level overview of what the date will be like, without disclosing the details.

This helps your date prepare, while causing excitement and suspense for this special event you're planning for them. It goes into detail about how much you care for them to take the time to do this. It also explains the contest, which lets your partner brag about you online (which means your date feels both excited, and truly cared for.

It shows you really care about them and are taking time for them, which is more valuable than money or things).

Get This For FREE When You Order The Magical Mystery Date Today!

Bonus #3 - Magical Mystery Date Contest!

Show Off To Friends And Win Amazing Prizes!

Total Value: $Priceless

You can also win exciting prizes by posting your date selfies and events online! It also lets your date brag online about what you're doing (which means beyond the potential prizes, your date will feel proud and excited to be doing this with you.

Sometimes being able to show off how special you're treating them has a profound affect on how much they appreciate you, and can be priceless.

Get This For FREE When You Order The Magical Mystery Date Today!

Why are We Doing this Just for Such A Low Cost?

At this point you might be thinking "This sounds great, but why is it so inexpensive? There has to be a catch, right?"

There's no catch!

Many times couples want to bring back the spark, but just don't know what to do.

The fact you've read this far tells us you care about your partner, and want to get the most out of life. That makes you part of a unique group, and someone we respect.

We've found though that if we just give the program, people aren't as likely to do it.

So by paying a small amount it give you "skin in the game" and you'll be much more likely to follow through.

Your partner will appreciate this more than you realize!

Plus, after you and your partner experience this program, odds are you’ll want to know more about what we offer.

So giving you the Magical Mystery Date is a great way to introduce ourselves, and get to know you!

All you need to do is register and you can get started right away (even if it's 2:00 a.m. in the morning!).

Time Is Of The Essence...

This is a LIMITED OFFER at this price.

Now, this special offer can't last forever... We'll need to raise the price to what it's worth!

So if you want to easily make your partner feel Absolutely Cared for and Amazing, don't wait!

Plus the next Magical Mystery Date Contest will be judged Soon!

You'll want to post your amazing date in time to enter the contest!

We even guarantee, if you follow the simple instructions, you and your partner will LOVE it!

Here Is Our Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee

We're giving this unique training program, and printable date kit at a special price!

If you and your partner aren't totally amazed with the results - or for any reason - just let us know and we'll we'll even refund your $9 cost.

Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get today When You Order The Magical Mystery Date

Above is an example of the date kit if you print it out & follow the instructions to order a blindfold, etc.

Large Call to Action Headline

  • The Magical Mystery Date Virtual Training System (Value $169)
  • ​How To Give An Amazing Hand Massage Class (Value $114)
  • Getting to Know Each Other(Again) Questions (Value $69)
  • ​​Special Blindfold Kit, Training And Instructions (Value $19)
  • ​Special Invitation & Thank You Card Templates (Value $19)
  • Note Writing Secrets Training Class (Value $79)
  • ​Bonus #1 - "Bonus #1 - Magical Mystery Date Private Facebook Group (Priceless Value)
  • ​Bonus #2 - "What to Expect & How To Get Ready" Preview for Your Date (Priceless Value)
  • ​Bonus #3 - Magical Mystery Date Contest! (Priceless Value)

Total Value: $469

Today Just $9.95

That's pretty much everything! If you want to give your partner an amazing experince you both will love - the Magical Mystery Date shows you exactly how to do it. Plus you can potentially win AMAZING Prizes - while your partner is able to show off the date to her friends!

We hope you join us on this adventure!

Thanks again,

Massimo, Wendy & Steve

P.S. The bottom line is that if you truly care about your partner, this is a way to let them know in a way they'll never forget.

You can get the program, plus date kit for just the $9.95

Take the step to a higher quality relationship now - your satisfaction is guaranteed!

YES! Give Me Instant Access To The Magical Mystery Date, PLUS Ship My Date Kit RIGHT NOW For Just $9.95 !

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